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History of the

Baton Rouge Model Railroad Club

The Baton Rouge Model Railroad Club was moved to its current site on Perkins Road from another site that was under commercial development. Our current home, the same building was moved with the embryonic layout in place. The club formed in 1972, and a few of the original members are still active, though some have gone on to other things. The track plan is a design by Jack Shaw, and is basically a single track mainline, pretzeled into our 2-room clubhouse, terminating in a dual reversing loop at the north and south ends. The Golden Spike that completed the main line was driven just before the building was moved, and with having to re-gauge some track, apply a lot of scenery, make some changes and additions, the original right of way has evolved into a picturesque layout. Like many other older layouts, what began as a DC powered system with a block control, reversing control and panel built by Wayne Robichaux and Don Menard, has been converted to DCC control since 2002, and with the pains-taking trouble shooting of Tom Johnson and Dick Watson, has become a reliable way of controlling motive power.

Where are we going?

There is some scenery building distractingly close to the main line. Once that is cleared, we will begin some full operating sessions. We are planning operating signals and computerized waybills. Perhaps a little farther into the future, computerized operations.